Saturday, May 12, 2007

Are these not words of heresy ?

A cold one

Basking in his own warmth

Shunning perceived bigotry and lies

The great excuse

‘Not my fault, but will of higher being’

Put down to faith

Faith does not imply good

Faithless is not bad

Deeds are done by man

Actions and consequences

And man moves most mysteriously

Replace it with an old adage

‘If you want something doing…’

Creating a truer faith

Of self




etain_lavena said...

try to be closer to god....or just become one....internal struggle:)

Inconsequential said...


Hey Etain, are you back with us, or is this another drive by posting...

Hope you are enjoying the UK...

ish said...

Becoming god is a long time human aspiration. The solution . . . or the ultimate arrogance?

Clockworkchris said...

Man, some serious comments. I like me still, never aspire to be a God. I don't ever want to have super powers. I really loved 'Not my fault, but will of higher being.' That says a lot about some people who are a bit nuts. That would be my job, working with those people (mental health). You are an interesting writer. Lots of topics covered. I really like what I have seen so far.

Inconsequential said...

Hmmm, I'm not aspiring to be God as such, or a god, just honest about myself to myself, accepting limitations of self, hmmm, never can explain things properly.

I would do away with external religions/faiths/ etc and focus on the self. but not in an external selfish way...


one day i'll get my point across...

one day.