Saturday, July 07, 2007


I saw the eyes of death...
You could not understand
I am lost and cast away from society
Jesus cursed barren carrion
His blood is the life
Blazing pinions lock up sweet prayers
Seraphim shudder from lugubrious minions
Fire slices dying webs
Your touch slices severed torment
A ravenous angel consumes whirling soul
Worms spin dying marrow
This torrential rain howls Oblivion
Virginal concubine desires dying torment
I met the eyes of death...
Pyres call forth severed rapture
The stench unleashes precious dreams
Death dances on embittered torment
Everything desires whirling fragments
One day I too will make life
Untainted and innocent
As masks hide dying caresses
I am a lost child
I wish only for death
I am fallen and will never rise
Wholly unloved
My only companion is the darkness
I stole the eyes of death...
Padding softly round my padded cell
You could not understand
I wear the eyes of death...


Pat Paulk said...

Such deep dark eyes you have. I have known these feelings. Good one.

Inconsequential said...

Thank you Pat.

I hope you haven't travel too far down that path...

aria said...

I read this at least 3-4 times .. I wanted to qoute few lines but realized I'll eventually have to quote everything .. :)