Monday, August 25, 2008


It’s not like I changed
This world
Just left a stain
Swiftly fading with time
Take these cold cold hands
And take these old cold feet
Lift me up
And lay me down


aria said...

I can always think of one word when I read you.. *profound* and then I keep struggling to add moe ergo leave it there but it continues to 'linger' in my head..

ish said...

The stain is apt metaphor for our passage. But could we get over confident about the fading? (I mean, so it might seem to us!)
aria, I agree.

Inconsequential said...

As individuals our stain fades swiftly, but as a species,'ll take a large bottle of bleach to mask our passage...

Thank you both for the comments, it's very nice to be read.

plutowasaplanet said...

Your blog has the allure of simplicity - the lack of widgetization. The title, makes me think your poetry should be simple, yet stirring, short, yet deep.
The background, had me imagining darkness,in pursuit of light.
Your poetry, confirms it.

Interesting work.