Friday, September 05, 2008

Against All Odds

As walls were raised
Those doors closed
And silence loomed
As lines were cut
Then it ended
Ended with you
And your lawyer friend

So there you sit
On my chair
In my room
That house
Was once my home
Now yours
All yours
And your lawyer friend

Half of what I earn
You take
All that I have built
You took
The life I gave
You stole
With your lawyer friend

So now I’m broken
Nothing left
No reason
Except you could
You and your lawyer friend

And now no visiting rights
My own child
No longer mine
But yours
Yours and your lawyer friend


aria said...

hmm this was so very accessible in comparison with your abstract stuff.. and still I don't know what to say .. very touching .. I sincerely wish things get better for you ..

Inconsequential said...

Yes, I too hope my writing gets better :)

Hopefully this is not some sort of prediction for the future, as as it stands it's pure fiction in regards to self...

aria said...

phew *relieved* :))

Shyam said...

Bleak - but a lot more direct than your other writing :) I still like it!


oh that's so sad! Emotion is so well conveyed. I love the repeated line "you and your lawyer friend." It makes it all the more real yet makes the reader wonder, who is this lawyer friend, while they know very well who he is.