Tuesday, March 13, 2007


On a hill
Not far away
Stands a man

Cruciform of stance
Face tipped skyward
With mouth agape

Hopeful eyes closed
Sun blazing down
In this dry-season

Waiting for rain


floots said...

love the image
strengthened by the sense of irony
thank you

etain_lavena said...

Maybe he must do a rain dance:)

Pod said...

love this inc. great imagery for the brain of pod. one day i shall recreate this in a picture. have you heard the nouvelle vague version of 'marian'? i love it! just listened to it 3 times in a row

miss magic said...

ooo! an optimist waiting for rain! cool idea!

Inconsequential said...

Floots - Thanks for the visit :)

Etain - I didn't think he'd be so optimistic if he actually tried to influence the outcome...

Pod - at least this one should be fairly easy to create, though my original was slightly longer, had the implication of hime standing there a long time, weather worn clothes and leathery sunned skin...
Have heard that version of marian,
I also really enjoyed 'too drunk to fuck' and 'Friday Night Saturday Morning'...oh and 'I just can't get enough', but have gotten slightly bored of her now...I have them spread out over the month on my work music cds so they're still quite nice when they crop up...

Miss Magic - :) Thankyou

Pod said...

yes she is a bit much all at once, but great none the less. i also like balla legosi's dead and like a forest. i wrote something a little less optimistic but similar to this years and years ago ;0(

Inconsequential said...

cool, you should post it :)