Friday, March 07, 2008

Experience Experiments

I am that marker pen
Dizzy scent quickly spent
I am that aerosol
Capped blast that didn’t last
I am that industrial glue
Bagged and tagged
On youths spotted face
I am that cigarette
I am that ale
That shot
That grape
I am that dubious weed
Giggling high and far
I am that powder white
Fast and bright
I am that powder brown
I am that crystal grown
I am needle and rope and spoon
And pipe and bag and knife
I am freedom trapping you


LittleWing said...

great read... sorta dark.. but i like it...

aria said...

"I am freedom trapping you"

thats one fantastic oxymoron.. :)

tumblewords said...

Wow! Impressive writing -

paisley said...

bravo!!!! i love this...

ren.kat said...

should be on a poster in the hallways of the high schools!

Linda Jacobs said...

I love how this builds from the innocuous to the heavy! So well written! And the rhyme doesn't overpower the meaning. Good job!

wendy said...

I loved the colors used here.

written with perspective.

gautami tripathy said...

I like the way it started and ended finally.

Refluxing Life

shammi said...

Oh wow. Oh WOW! OH WOW!!!! I loved this from start to finish!

Middle Ditch said...

Very, very nice